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The unique transformer and the alchemist,

Which one all transmutes into gold, is a love.

Unique magic against death,

Agings, boring life the love is.

Though probes of Kinseja, and also Masters and.dzhonsona have easied to us acceptance of new ideas about love and sex, the love dao as a whole is still surprising for many people of the West. It has amazed even my close girlfriend when I have started to write this book, but now it — almost daos.

In mind of some readers after perusal of that so unusual as this book, was foregone there will be numerous problems. The prejudice of some of them, undoubtedly, will help learning of a dao of love:

1. What odds between daosizmom as philosophy and how religion?

There are very major odds: like many popular east philosophies of a type of the Buddhism and konfutsianstva, concepts daosizma gradually were incorrectly interpreted by some people for whom it became the form of religion and they have built temples, have accepted ceremonials and worship to icons. All is genuine daosizm rejects, In our book we spoke about daosizme.imenno as about philosophy and only.

2. What Taoist concept of love?

It has less than romantic ingredients and more than practical builders, than existing western concept. In blanket, the dao believes that physical harmony is inseparable from spiritual harmony. A pair which one can have ekstaticheski to make love for certain will ensure each other with the world and harmony in every respect so, and their love attractiveness to each other will increase and becomes more constant, however to the maiden session of love they can be only slightly attracted the friend by the friend whereas on the modern western concept of a fallow should romanticheski fall in love before occupation by love.

3. Why the yielded book, apparently, so speaks to readers a little?

All ancient books on a love dao have been almost exceptional written for men for that simple parent that the man "belongs" to light which one the woman who "belongs" to water can easily reset. However we consider that women too can benefit from knowledge of a dao of love, but there is that fact that in an orb of occupations by love the man as before more will wound also much urgently the help is required. Therefore the predominant purpose of this book — to tender the help that they became the best and more healthy lovers. If we attain it, many women will be contented automatically.

4. A leah the dao of love from the point of view of medicine is justified and a leah it is possible to demonstrate it?

The operation of VII century written by a great luminary of medicine Put Sju it “Bestsepnoe a means” it was never called in question, and to the contrary in 1955, it is reprinted in China, and Put in the pasha days there it is highly honoured. Theories of Sunja are yielded with some particulars in chapter 4, section 6, and also in "Inference".

How we can rely on the operation for the first time published more 1200 years ago? Masters and Johnson’s led within last 20 years the probes, theories of a dao of love much of bottoms and their operation have confirmed is accepted by many therapists and in many clinics of the world.

5. What do you consider as the most relevant sign of this ancient method of love?

The known doctor of XI century Galen has told: “After the intercourse all animals are sad, except women and cocks”. (From the point of view of the Taoist doctor, this phrase would be slightly further from true if a word the intercourse to exchange with an ejaculation.) pochtja any man has tested destructive posteffect of an ejaculation — subitaneous sense that it has lost almost any concern to the woman which one can even lead to its problem why he once loved it. Intuitively the majority of women promptly note that their lover became kept away and even indifferent. It well-known that many men invariably go to bed after almost each ejaculation, abandoning the women with sense of a devastation and a dissatisfaction. In less fixed ratioes the situation even is worse: men have often desire to leave immediately, and many and make. It is humiliating and very fatal and if such painfull senses accumulate, they can easily transfer in the mutual hatred. That fact that we see everywhere very few happy persons, speaks to us about dominance of such displeasure. The people contented in love and sex, as a rule, are happy. It explains, at least fractionally why in our world so it is a lot of hatred and so not enough love today. The dao of love with its inspection methods of an ejaculation and etc. could modified easily all it — and I consider it as the most relevant sign of a dao of love.

However almost all my friends, being more robust in businesses of both floors, have diverse point of view: they consider that the love dao gives them the unlimited freedom to caress the man — and it is one of its two most relevant attributes.

Before acquaintance to a dao of love all of them without exclusion craved love affection which one hardly probable existed in between and their exhausted men, but the dao has promptly modified this situation. The second same relevant attribute with what they unanimously agree, is a dao of love in the capacity of a method of the control of birthrate. One of them was short voiced about it so: “How perfectly to be capable to make love, as soon as it will want, even in the middle of Night, without thought on idiotic chemical drugs and means which one make you by the patient, trouble you and cause to feel that occupations by love — any more occupations by love!”

6. A leah suffices these women of a staminate ejaculation?

Only insignificant strange feels right at the beginning, but they have promptly got used to it and have started to see all powerful benefits.

7. What makes so many men indifferent and kept away from their women after an ejaculation?

Daosy antiquities considered that chzhin is a propellent of love of the man to the woman (even the most relevant vital force of the man). The ejaculation of the man is similar to deflation from the bus or a balloon — as soon as it has happened, he feels, as a flat tyre, specially if it ejakuliruet with major frequency.

8. A leah you in the modern terms can try to explain ancient inclining, what the man belongs to light, and the woman — water?

It simply means that in conventional alternative of occupations the man cannot easily content with love the woman and often exhausts itself in these tryings. This blanket knowledge reigning everywhere in the Western world. In the popular book “Pavor before flying” Eric Jong has voiced it clearly enough, but it is less straight and to it many other things, such as Hezlok Ellis, D X. Lawrence, Oldos Hansli and Loris Lessing voiced the same.

9. How the delivery strongly influences occupation by love?

Very strongly. So it is strong that we can even tell that if men and women eat unhealthy nutriment permanently they, was possiblly, cannot maintain healthy and fitting love life. We would like to add here that mjasoed — not certainly best lover in comparison with the vegetarian: all it depends on that knowledge that is useful and that is not present for their characteristic individual skew field.

10. A leah you can produce some simple and relevant parents, on which one, a dao vital both for health, and for longevity of men and women?

There are two obvious parents, on which one dao beneficently for all. At first, if men and women can make love very much, how much it is necessary for them, for them will easily maintain happy and harmonic joint life. This harmony can even modified their ratio to the people enclosing them: kindness and sympathy will dominate, and petty and opposite thoughts on envy and jealousy oslabnut. It is not difficult to see that this situation is beneficent for their health, and consequently, and for good health and longevity.

The second beneficent effect from maximum occupations by love, — in the healthy hormonal balance sheet. The modern medicine has discovered that the hormonal balance sheet vital for a human health. According to ancient daosov, this state — hardly probable not one of the most relevant advantages of harmony in and jan. They considered that the more we make love, the it is possible to maintain more healthy level of the hormonal balance sheet lighter. Today many doctors lead therapy of sex steroid changeover at those patients to whom it is required. Such processes in aiming to the hormonal balance sheet a clear fashion involve major peteri (victim), not only in sense of fees to doctors, but also and in sense is hazardous dangerous by-effects which one originate often during treatment by strong drugs of a type of artificial hormones. But what for artificial steroids if with a stand of reasonable opportunities our skew fields quite to make a considerable quantity natural, incomparably more low-cost and secure are necessary? Not only sufficient occupations by love can boost men, for example, to make more Testosteron-Depotum that its amount has attained more healthy high level.

According to the interesting probe led in 1974 by the Munich institute of psychiatry of Max Planck with involvement of doctors of medicine of endocrinologist Charles of M.Pirke and psychiatrists of Kokota and Frantsa Ditmana, only visual stimulation without an ejaculation or a coition is capable to enlarge noticeably Testosteron-Depotum content in a blood. Visual stimulation was the pornographic film in 30 minutes with show of woman pants, an undressing, a sexual play and the intercourse in miscellaneous positions. Its review noticeably has enlarged level of Testosteron-Depotum at 6 of 8 men at the age from 21 till 34 years. We will reasonablly mark that this Munich probe affirms judgement ancient daosov that any form of stimulation between the man and the woman of a type of kisses can be useful, and strokings and it is an ejaculation is not always indispensable.

If Testosteron-Depotum level can raise even from one visual stimulation copious and real occupations by love will, of course, incomparably more effective for saving of the hormonal balance sheet, though from the point of view of ancient Chineses, the man cannot attain it if he is not able to regulate the ejaculation. It again makes sense: after all as a result of insufficient occupations by love there will be no also a harmony in and jan. Here the second parent on which one the dao is so necessary for health and longevity of men and women.


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As we already marked, the Taoist theory of an ejaculation treats it only as the instant sensation, as a shielding failure or stored energy shot. If the man regularly makes love, its sexual energies are in harmonies and its need for an ejaculation is strongly shrunk. Occupations by love should be not casual and explosive, and continuous are faster and smooth — they should be similar to a good dinner: each dish should be in itself concluded and at the same time to stimulate appetite for a following dish while in the end of this acceptance of nutriment you will be completely contented. Though sufficing grows out of all experience, and not just one of its parts. So should be and with occupations by love. In correspondence both with ancient Taoist and with the modern doctors, better regularly to accept nutriment trace amounts, than for once to swallow a colossal dinner. This concept should be severely perceived both the man and the woman if they want to learn a love dao promptly and full.


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As we have explained above, the unattractive and not helping woman can impede many things "for the experimental man. For example, the man, is a lot of years practicing a love dao, the overwhelming and dogmatic partner will have as before a problem, if at it. It is one more parent on which one both associates should know and practice a love dao, at least, the woman should perceive terms — the soft input, monitoring of an ejaculation and etc.

Almost all ancient Taoist literature underlined relevance of a presence of the correct associate, In occupations by love as in dances or sport, nobody can work really well with the misunderstanding associate, however it does not mean that you will attain or should attain the complete harmony every time when make love even to the ideal associate. Cumulative effect matters. The deep erotic kiss can help to harmonise in and jan, but not all erotic kisses lead to the intercourse; however some love sessions should lead to the complete harmony in and jan. In conventional terms the complete harmony means orgasms and even more orgasms for the woman — klitoralnyh, sheathed, combining or multiple. Arguing of various types of female orgasms is inappropriate, if you practice a dao. When you can enjoy tysjachju jerks in day, arguments cease to be relevant. All problem on an orgasm accepts diverse aspect when the man can make love to the woman many times in day instead of an once in a week.

Naturally, the people who do not have appetite on such amount of occupations by love will be. It can happen that they never tried the such. So longly, how much the man will adhere to advice on monitoring of an ejaculation, a datum in this book, he will test not a strain, and pleasure. And its partner as soon as she will feel the pleasure of love featured by you, will rarely feel supersaturation or fatique from occupations by love. It does not mean at all to spend all the day long in sand bed. If each intercourse, including a play, occupies from 10 to 20 minutes even 6 intercourses will occupy no more than two hours. The majority of pairs spends more time at the shield of the TV set or at cine, and they for certain do not discover it so satisfactory. For such things there are no regulations, and you can arrange all intercourses on all to 24 hours or enjoy all of them at once as both of you prefer. Intensity of occupations will be modified by love in due course. Certainly, you do not need to make love so many times daily.


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Women too need understanding of a dao, but in some smaller level. For example, if the woman does not know a dao, it can be rubed or angry that its associate not ejakuliruet. She can think that has not given to it pleasure that it did not manage to content it. She also should know that an orgasm and an ejaculation — not same. It bases a love dao. This principle recognised also Kinsej: “the Orgasm can happen and without seed emitting… It happens also among some husbands… Intentionally compressing the genital muscles… Applying the contraceptive engineering known as kontus rezervatus. These husbands test a real orgasm which one it is easy for recognising even if there was no ejaculation”.

This problem can become complicated even more subjects that some women gain a part of the sufficing from feel that the man ejakuliroval in it. This greatest hindrance facing advantages of a dao of love, but unless the woman will not want to have more likely the man, capable to make love all night long — and as before ejakulirovat in the end of a session, — than the man who leaves from the first and immediately goes to bed?

And for the woman who is badly adjusted for all forms of contraceptives, the dao has additional attractiveness: after all if the man has really learnt a love dao, it ejakuliruet only time in some weeks — and then contraceptives become almost senseless. Exaggeration will not tell that as soon as the love dao becomes the popular knowledge, all fatal artificial contraceptives become become outdated for many people. The dao cannot make everything that promised and intoned about it interpretive programs of VII century, but it can yield you harmony in and jan, and it, in turn, will create nonpredatory mood of mind, will impact relish of love and will decelerate an ageing process.


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Besides touch learning each other, it is necessary for us to learn also to communicate with each other. It is not simple that you speak, not how you speak it. In this field all of us as before are similar to children: we react more to sounds, than on real words. It is specially valid in occupations by love.

Freud has demonstrated that our sexual behaviour has deep roots in the early childhood when we have been conditioned by a tender tangency of mother and its abirritating voice. The show business knew meaning of an erotic voice. A voice of the person — the mysterious both wonderful instrument. And your voices should be such. Silence during occupations by love can irritate your associate. It can be interpreted as lack of concern or displeasure. We do not tender you to carry on philosophical conversation but only that you demonstrated approval and sufficing characters. Here some relevant points of it;

The complete silence can be interpreted as displeasure;

Shun to use rasping either negative words or sounds; the successful session of love demands a harmonic and grateful aerosphere;

Never criticise, it can have destructive action on occupations by love; has no meaning, how much mature your associate, — you will lose self-trust if will attack it during the most vulnerable moment when he makes love;

The praise voiced by a sweet, tender voice, can commit miracles often.


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Speaking generally, all of us — a victim of our puritan past and our artificial present. We should learn to reactivate our sense of an inguen. Was possiblly, this sense in love is second on meaning after touch. Us permanently bombard advertising of deodorants for almost each part of our skew field until we will not be so are excessively scented and soaped that we will be almost as the fragrant plastic materials fabricated just at plant. We have lost knowledge of the fact that by the nature of the man and the woman are instinctively attracted to each other by the personal special natural flavours. More often they are more excited by odours of an opposite sex, than something else, specially personal savour of a skin, hair, a mouth, genitals and etc., can be the most pleasant or even extremely exciting for specially congenial person. And it can fractionally explain, at least, popular, though also mysterious, the term “chemical attractiveness”.

Certainly, can be and those to whom the strong and acute natural odour of a vagina is offensive; but getting rid of this odour by means of excessive odour removal or shower acceptance can upset the natural balance sheet of secretions and organisms in the environment of a vagina and to cause a taint. We not against purity or simple hygienics, absolutely vice-versa, we say only that for the majority of people, and men and women, simple hygienics and scrupulous purity is indispensable.

As the tactile sense needs evolution. In the Victorian times people made love in clothing, there was no direct contact of skew fields except for genitals. Certainly, not many are in sand bed today, but all of us are still aimed to be restricted to genital contact. All odds in a play between mechanic genital sex and love that all skew field and all senses are unclosed. Touch of skew fields for both — men and the woman — is is relevant for original fitting love experience. The love should be harmonic cooperation between the man and the woman in whom your arms and any other part of your skew field yields and takes pleasure, that is:

Making love, do not cease for one instant to perceive each other arms while both of you will not be tired and will not be ready to fall asleep;

Clitoris and chests of the woman usually are its most sensitive places, but do not touch them at once: at first caress her hands and kiss it. The woman is sensitive as well about a spinal column from a head to back and hips. These points are modified from the woman to the woman, but the most popular are ears, a nucha and round a waist, specially behind. The Inside of hips too is very sensitive. Its belly frequently can be caressed effectively your belly — one of major pleasures of love;

At men the most sensitive fields, except a penis, are an interior of an ear and at some men — a thorax. About 50 % of men have an erection of papillas, Also try to caress an inner surface of hips;

One of secrets of a successful weasel of a skew field consists in contact from a head to toes in was possiblly larger number of points. Touch in love should not be static: let your arms permanently float on an associate skew field, and your characteristic skew field answers imperceptible variations when it breathes or moves concerning you;

In an initiation of occupations by love of the woman should be concentrated on the complete touch of a skew field more than on stimulations of a penis by an arm. Exclusion is constituted by the women promptly excited from hiting at to the risen penis. If durating.kontakt skew fields has not caused in the man of an erection, the woman, of course, should apply the arms on a penis. Elderly men react differently, than young, to hiting at to genitals: the penis of the young man is usually more responsive and is more prompt ejakuliruet. It is necessary for tampering with along all length easily. Append small pression to its root and almost any — to a penis horsehead. The penis of the elderly man can be taken arms much more rigidly: it does not attain an erection and not ejakuliruet is so prompt. For reaching of an erection at the elderly man — to apply the best trajectory on it both arms. You can easily boost a penis the arms added by a calyx: The majority of men discover it very exciting as it resembles them entrance in a vagina. Be careful not to apply too major pression on a prepuce if your associate is not obtruncated: it can sometimes cause a boring. Instead you should concentrate weasels on a horsehead of a penis and on testicles. Inexperienced women are aimed to shun testicles and a scrotum; experimental women quite perceive their relevance. Old men like to feel the testicles, however take them carefully.

The best method — to conclude all scrotum in the arms added by a cup, boosting at the same time its end and a root of a penis finger tips. Do not push too strongly that you would not make.

Such type of stimulation can force out the young man too promptly so be close. For the best effect softly use one arm and be ready to rather miscellaneous responses from miscellaneous men; some, having fallen into in your arms, can be excited very promptly whereas others at all will not have the complete erection;

Men should take care of the arms that they were plain and pure; very few women enjoy a rasping tangency, and the majority of women feel, like Marlene Dietrich who spoke:“ All real men are careful, without tenderness the man is uninteresting ”. Remember that your arms should visit some very relevant tender places. The majority of women usually want, that their clitoris boosted setpins, and should be excited completely, attain an orgasm without vast, but the careful help of yours or its setpins. The rasping or dirty pin can cause in them a boring or a taint. Still there are women for whom it is necessary laskanie papillas before they is attained a peak point. On the other hand, you can discover the woman who does not love any kind stimulation, — and you should discover it by trial and error. Was possiblly, it will be excited by the complete contact of skew fields, but it can have disgust for your setpins on its external organs. Women of this kind can be extremely interesting to the men not too tender manipulating setpins.


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Some words and sounds excite

Those who is romantic,

And hiting at to yours juhzn.

Those who is lewd…

To Vu Syn

Learning of a dao of love actually is not difficult if you begin with a premise that it includes acceptance of the concepts sharply different from the western. All of us we have preconceived opinions which one are difficult for discarding. The strong arguments are indispensable to move us from customary traditions, but the dao tenders you the good parents for change of some our ideas concerning love. For example, many women negate idea of art or engineering in occupations by love — and perfectly; in present usage it began to mean a method of occupations by the love, used by "professional", — and it insults women. The engineering without heat or emotions makes occupations by love heartless. On the other hand, Chinese daosy, underlining the tender and high-sensitive approach to love and sex, nevertheless underlined also relevance of art too. Their idea that if you want to make something well, you should develop due ability; If you want to play a piano, you at first need to learn exercises for setpins, and then daily to fulfil them. If you want to draw, at first it is necessary to learn a composition and how to rule. In the same way men and women need to learn to love if they prepare to become effective associates. More blepharons ago Balzac has told that the inept lover is look-alike to a monkey, trying to play a violin. And it was right: the inept lover can cause to feel the woman as if he simply masturbates in its vagina.

Dermena Graer in the book "Woman-eunuch" wrote: “When it is a shame to man to masturbate and he instead traps the woman to discover sexual remission the shame connected with masturbatsionnymi by activities, in that case differs very slightly, behind that exclusion that a friction is ensured with a female organ and an ejaculation can happen in a vagina and transfers to the woman. The man concerns to it, as to storage in which one it seats the semen as to a certain type of a customary cuspidor, — and it turns away from it in loathing”.

The dao guesses that the man develops the skills in love to such level that it can content and value the love partner. Sufficing in sense of this dao — not only reaching of immediate pleasure, but in deeper metaphysical sense includes also a growth of mutual calmness. When the love dao speaks about the technician, it means not only your ability to jolt a penis and ejakulirovat a controllable fashion, but also development of all your senses so that you could attain original harmony in and jan. Occupation by love is then not only mechanic, but blanket experience. The pianist can develop a great skill in the pencil engineering, but it as before will be no more, than the person well owning engineering. Only when it will apply all senses and imagination in relation to the science, it becomes the genuine expert. To love ekstaticheski — like it.


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The third support of good health in Taoist philosophy is the nutriment. Ancient Chineses as spoke about a delivery as the western dietarians today speak much. Put a Sou, the glorified Taoist doctor of XII century whom we so mentioned often, wrote: “Really the good doctor at first discovers an aetiology, and having discovered it, he tries to cure at first its delivery. Only when a delivery does not help, it assigns treatment”. It not too differs that Thom Spis, decane of the American dietarians more recently spoke: “If we have learnt enough, all illness can be prevented and cured an eligible delivery”.

Delivery as pleasure is rather unimportant, for the person practicing a dao, however he cares of a delivery, as about a trajectory to keeping up and improving of the health. The nutriment was considered in ancient China very severely, and it should be relevant in the same way for us today. On this problem there are many good modern books so there are no parents that not the nobility, than to eat. Even without reading easily to learn good nutriment for you simple comparing to effect from miscellaneous dishes which one they render on your digestion and health shared state. In an abundant company of our days all of us are tempted to eat and drink too much. The hyperalimentation is one of the worst things which one we can make for our skew field. To all of us it would be better than less time a carry behind desktop and more behind occupations by love.


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Melt chi ministers for self-defence as well, as well as is perfect exercise. If you the engineering of defence interests, we advise to you to discover the competent teacher but if you need excellent exercise after several lessons you can easily prolong agings every day. We term as its perfect and excellent exercise as it does not demand major efforts, and can be fulfilled almost at any time and in any place almost by everyone, irrespective of age, sex and physical condition. Nevertheless it is maximum effective for keeping up of the person in a state of "blanket vivacity”; this rubbed ‘ mines is borrowed from L.E.Morehauza’s popular book. It was pleasant to us not only because well coincides with our specification statement but also because the theory of quiet exercises of Morehauza is very close to the theory melt chi chuan which one too is not heavy exercise. A secret of its performance that it softly develops all your knuckles. In bond with a normal respiration it could save easily our youth wherefore the majority of people feel and tap the age because of inflexible or even painfull knuckles. If it happens, they cannot use more the skew fields properly, and their health is promptly degraded.


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Ancient Chineses have elaborated a row of exercises to remove all these symptoms. They are termed melt chi chuan. Was possiblly, you heard about them as about military art ”like dzju-to. The Japanese engineering dzju-to itself is based on dao philosophies — on-kitajski it and really is termed as a dzju-DAO. Such chi chuan — the analogous defensive engineering with usage only bare arms and kulaks. Melt chi introduces harmony in and jan, chuan on-kitajski"kulak"means. Fulfilled in perfection melt chi chuan it is similar to graceful dance. Actually, it has begun as dance. The invention it attribute up the time of the legendary emperor Faugh-tszy (which one regulations at once before emperor Li and to which one instruction of people to a taming of animals for homeworks is assigned) which one has urged In Ganja to simulate“ great dance ”that people could practise with pleasure for its people and prevent illnesses. Later, during a dynasty of Han, already mentioned known doctor and surgeon Gua To has imported the contribution to art development melt chi chuan. Gua To there was the penetrating explorer of the nature I of alive beings which one has perceived that animals can teach much the person how to save the skew field vigorous and strong.

Melt chi chuan long is termed also “chuan" because all its parts are connected continuously, without tearing. He is necessary for leading as alive and quickly as the sprocket spins. It also term “soft chuan” as you are not offered to use a brute force for victory over the opponent, but you can by a select of the correct moment and the correct standing to use force of your opponent, to deprive of its equal balance. Daosy speak: “4 ounces of force can dump mass in one thousand pounds”.

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